Bellarine Peninsula

Barrgowan Estate

Barrgowan Estate

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With a combination of gently undulating countryside, stunning sea views and peaceful charm, the Bellarine Peninsula has long been a favourite visitor and holiday spot. Add to that a premier Australian winegrowing industry and you have an area that begs to be explored and enjoyed!

When the first vine plantings went into the volcanic, limestone soils of the region, it was the beginning of a vigorous wine producing area that saw 557 acres under vine by 1861. Despite being Victoria’s most important wine region at that time, the discovery of the pest phylloxera in 1877 saw the eradication of all vines, and 1883 saw the end of winegrowing in the district.

With the 1960’s came a resurgence, with enthusiastic and dedicated growers now seeing the area under approx. 1,950 acres of vine. The cool, typically dry, maritime climate results in wines that are rich in colour and aromatics and the Bellarine once again enjoys it’s status as one of Victoria’s premier wine regions.

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Where do we go?

We have pieced together a few of the wonderful venues we have visited, to ensure that you will have a memorable and enjoyable day.

These are the places we love to visit, they have lovely wines, great views and delicious food.

We hope you will enjoy them too!